Welcome to Designs By 'BenSki’ where we design and create fine hand crafted items.  Products that combine unique quality materials, creativity, and hard work.  Some of the items we produce include:  Jewelry, Hand Stitched Fine Leather Products, Wood Turnings, and much More.  We take pride in creating unique quality items that will look good and last.

We have arranged this site into pages containing images and information relating to JewelryLeatherWoodGems, Studio, On Sale.   These pages contain just a few of the items we have made, but may give some idea as to what is possible.   Additionally, we added a Studio page to give you and idea of where we work.  

If you see an item you like, if you have an idea that you would like turned into a reality, or if you have questions, please see our Contact Us page and send us an email.

New Additions:

New to our lineup is this Valet (My Old Wallet not included).    Many use it to throw their Keys, Wallet, Glasses, Change, Etc  into.   This one was stained in one of my favorite colors, “Java Brown.”    This color wears wonderfully, showing some fantastic character early, and over time warms to show more character.     It is one of my all time favorite colors for veg-tan dyed projects.    Check out our Leather page for more images.


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