This page is contains a glimpse of our small Studio.  All of the benches, tool stands, and organizers are made by myself.    It has been an ongoing process of seeing something we think we will like, designing, building, rearranging, redesigning, and rebuilding.    Hard to believe we started all this on a 2'x4' folding table in a shed several years ago.

Several of the picturees have been relabeled “OLD-*” because I built a new Bench and found some great buys on toolchests.    All in All, the new bench is Smaller, but functionally much bigger.    Tools are secured and organized much more efficiently.   The new Bench Design has 2 parts.  The Upper Part, which includes the working trays, hardwood top, etc.   The Lower Part, which has the bottom drawers and storage in the middle.    The bench is SUPER heavy and being able to break it down to move it is VERY nice.   Also, the drawers are a HUGE improvement (both the metal and the wood ones).  

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